I’m an Anglesey-based artist who paints and draws a range of subjects (including Murals, Portraits and Landscapes) in oils, acrylics, pencil and charcoal, as well as trying my hand at printmaking and welded scrap metal sculptures.

Please check out the Portfolio page for examples of my work, or take a look at the artwork for sale in my Shop.

My Blog also provides further insight into the thinking behind some of the work as well as expounding on artists and books that inspire me.

The Artist’s Statement page attempts to summarise my approach to art.

My AndyDobbieArt Tumblr page is where I record the results of my efforts to find new ways of drawing and painting the human figure during local life drawing classes. The results are not always successful, so please don’t expect polished pieces of art but, hopefully, they provide evidence of a willingness to experiment and learn without being too precious about the creative process.

You can contact me on Facebook at AndyDobbieArt or via email at andy@andydobbie.com or simply using the form on the Contact page.

Looking for something different? Then why not check out the Links to Other Local Artists and Organisations page?

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